How the Morgan Foundation Works

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For many decades now I have commented publicly on issues to do with economics and finance. I’m still interested in that stuff – which is why I continue to comment on monetary policy, housing, tax, welfare policy, inequality, and investing … Read More

Staging a pussy riot

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Today’s blog is not a blog about cats per se. Instead, let’s focus on the corners we run to when the cat conversation comes up. What is it about the cat issue that polarises us all in New Zealand?

Why I’m gunning for your cat

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This is a follow up to a piece that was published in the Southland Times titled “Steward Island Moggies May Get Their Marching Orders“. Basically the article talks about my wish to make Stewart Island the world’s first pest-free community. … Read More

Changing Times in Frozen South

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The biology of our far south – the southern ocean, the sub-Antarctic islands, and that slice of Antarctica known as the Ross Protectorate – is changing. On our sub-Antarctic islands, populations of rockhopper penguins are down by 94 per cent, … Read More