Victor Rat Trap & Tunnel


If you are a halo household and enter your voucher number this product is only $10 (you can thank DOC, Wellington City Council, Greater Wellington and the Morgan Foundation).

This humane rat kill-trap comes complete with a custom made wooden tunnel box to keep the trap safe from curious pets and children (see picture).

Target predator:


• Hands-on training options are available through the Halo Website
• Online instructional videos are available through the DOCskillable You Tube site


• Bait the trap before you set it
• Slide the trap into the tunnel BAIT END FIRST
• Ensure the trap is close to the GATE END so birds can’t reach it through the ‘tunnel opening’
• Ensure the mesh gate is closed at all times to protect children


• Dead animals can be buried in the garden or bagged and placed in household rubbish


Simply bait with cheese or peanut butter and check it regularly. You can move the trap around occasionally to keep curious rats interested. If you have a compost bin try putting it near there (or even in!) as rats often like the warmth and food provided by a compost bin.

All money raised from sales will go into buying more traps to kill more pesky predators!

Traps can only be picked up from the Wellington area and cannot be sent anywhere else in NZ


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