Sidekick Bait Station


If you are a halo household and enter your voucher number this product is only $10 (you can thank DOC, Wellington City Council, Greater Wellington and the Morgan Foundation).

Target predators:

  • Rats and Mice


• Use the key provided to pry open each lockable point on the bait station
• Insert the steel rods and skewer bait onto the rods. Place AT LEAST 8 bait blocks in the trap


• Rat bait is toxic to animals and people and persists in the environment for long periods. Make sure the lid is fastened closed at all
• Dispose of old and unused bait by bagging and placing in household rubbish. DONOT discard in garden or over the fence!
• Use gloves when handling bait.
•  This product is a safe way of poisoning rats and mice while keeping away curious pets and children with a secure lock and key.


Check the bait regularly to make sure it isn't wet and hasn't been eaten. If the bait gets munched wait a week before you change it, as it takes a while for the poison to kick in. You don't want to waste more bait on a dead rat walking!

You can get poison for this from the following stockists:

  • Crofton Downs Mitre 10
  • Upper Hutt Produce
  • Sharpes Grain and Seeds, Lower Hutt
  • Rural Trading Post, Porirua
  • PGG Wrightson Masterton, Carterton, Martinborough, Porirua
  • RD1 Featherston
  • Seeds & Cereals Masterton
  • Elders Martinborough, Masterton
  • Farmlands Greytown, Masterton, Otaki
  • Keinzley Masterston, Martinborough, Carterton

Traps can only be picked up from the Wellington area and cannot be sent anywhere else in NZ

All money raised from sales will go into buying more traps to kill more pesky predators!


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