DOC 200 Predator Trap – Stoats, rats and hedgehogs


Visit the Predator Free website to purchase a trap. 

Target predators:
• Mustelids: Stoats/Weasels
• Rats
• Hedgehogs

Hands-on training options are available through the Halo Website
 Online instructional videos are available through the DOCskillable You Tube:
Trap set up for Halo households
How to set up and service for conservation

Dead animals can be buried in the garden or bagged and placed in household rubbish

DOC200s have a very powerful trap mechanism. Make sure you have attended a training course and/or thoroughly viewed and
followed the online instructional videos
• Make sure the lid is screwed down at all times so that children can’t access the trap
• When you change the bait make sure you use a safety clip or ‘unset’ the trap



If you want some training on how to use a DOC 200 trap, check here for our upcoming courses.
More information on how to use the DOC 200 trap is available here, or watch a video here.

All money raised from sales will go into buying more traps to kill more pesky predators!

Traps can only be picked up from the Wellington area and cannot be sent anywhere else in NZ

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