Gareth Morgan (founder)

gareth-appetite-for-destruction1-300x200Dr Gareth Morgan is an economist, public policy analyst, portfolio investor, motorcycle adventurer and philanthropist. Through the Morgan Foundation Gareth has instigated a series of books on issues of public interest. He has also co-authored with his wife Joanne, 5 books on their offshore motorcycle trips, and has written three books on personal investment. See ‘Other Titles’ for more information. His latest project “Our Far South” set out to raise New Zealanders’ awareness of the importance of the area between Stewart Island and the South Pole – the race for resources, the sensitivity of Antarctica to climate change and the threat to biodiversity or our subantarctic islands from overfishing, marine pollution and climate change. This project led on to Gareth’s participation in further conservation projects – Predator Free New Zealand, Million Dollar Mouse, Stewart Island Treasure, and New Zealand’s Cleanest River. Gareth is a shareholder in Welnix, which owns the Wellington Phoenix Football team and part of the Hurricanes rugby franchise. Gareth’s directorships have included a national legal firm, publicly listed companies, advisory boards of government departments, New Zealand’s largest web site auction house TradeMe Ltd, and Leite Verde SA a Brazilian dairy industry business. Gareth graduated from Victoria University with a PhD in economics 1982.

Jess Berentson-Shaw

150208-Profile-Picture-of-Jess.svg_Dr Jess Berentson-Shaw is a science researcher working for the Morgan Foundation. Jess holds a PhD in Health Psychology from Victoria University. Jess has over 10 years’ experience working on applying science and evidence to public policy. She worked on improving the use of science in public health practice in NZ, before working as a Research Fellow at University College in London, where she researched how doctors and clinicians translate scientific evidence into their clinical practice. While in the UK she also developed a national data collection system, which was used to determine what factors contribute to poor outcomes for women and babies during pregnancy and birth. On her return to New Zealand she directed a research group that specialised in the independent evaluation and application of research and science to health policy and practice. Jess loves science and what it can do to make the world a fairer place.

Paul Young

PaulPaul Young is a researcher and activist at Generation Zero. He is doing research for the Morgan Foundation on climate change and anything else that perks his interest. He has a masters of science from University of Otago.

Geoff Simmons (on leave of absence)

Geoff-simmons-Snowball-300x200Geoff Simmons is an economist working for the Morgan Foundation – an independent foundation which aims to stimulate debate on the important issues facing New Zealand. Geoff graduated from Auckland University with an Honours degree in Economics.

He has over ten years experience as an economist working on tricky public policy issues for NZ Treasury and as a manager in the UK civil service. He has co-authored four books alongside Gareth Morgan covering topics such as health (Health Cheque), fishing (Hook Line & Blinkers), Antarctica (Ice Mice & Men) and food (Appetite for Destruction). He also works on water quality (MyRiver), Predator Free Rakiura and the infamous “Cats to Go” campaign. Geoff speaks Spanish and also is an experienced speaker, facilitator, trainer, entertainer, actor and improviser.

Andrew Gawith

andrewAndrew has worked with Gareth on a number of businesses over the past 30 years. Having retired from Gareth Morgan Investments in 2013 and finding that’s there’s only so much golf you can play he’s now lending the Morgan Foundation a hand on one or two projects, and in particular the NZ River Awards.

Nick Tansley (on leave of absence)

Nick Photo 09Nick’s background has been in popular entertainment for a good 40 years. Radio, TV and Music performances took up most of this time and all the people he has met during this career makes his contact list look like the white pages. Now part of the Morgan foundation he puts his past communication skills to perfect use. When Gareth say’s drop everything guys I have a new plan, Nick is instantly on the phone calling in favours and connecting people to help our cause. Watch out, he could be calling you next!

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