Coke impact rights

Does Freedom Come in a 600ml Bottle?

Geoff SimmonsFood, Health14 Comments

It is great to hear New Zealand Initiative researcher Jenesa Jeram admit that ideology is partly behind their opposition to taxing junk food. As any sugar addict can attest, awareness is always the first step to change. She goes on … Read More

Decriminalising Dope Doable

Geoff SimmonsHealth7 Comments

A new survey out today suggests that a majority of Kiwis, from right across the political spectrum, favour decriminalising cannabis. While this wouldn’t give the same benefits as full legalisation, it would still cut criminal justice costs substantially. Overall this … Read More

Ngaio School Sugar Shake Up

Gareth MorganHealthLeave a Comment

It’s Junk Free June and we are celebrating by talking about all the places that are working to make our diets healthier. Wellington’s Ngaio School is one great example. Recently the Ministry’s of Education and Health recently joined forces to … Read More